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Solenoid Valves for Placements

There are numerous varieties of solenoid valves used in placement machines. Different solenoid valves play a function at various control system positions for placement machines. Check valves, safety valves, directional control valves, speed control valves, etc. are the most widely used types.


What should be considered when selecting the solenoid valve for the placement machine?

1. Reliability

The solenoid valve of the placement machine is separated into two types: typically closed and normally open. Typically, the normally closed type is employed, which opens when the power is on and closes when the power is off.

When the action period is relatively brief and the frequency is high, the direct-acting type is typically chosen, whereas the fast-acting series is chosen for larger diameters. The life test, which is often conducted in the plant, belongs to the type test project. Specifically, there is no professional standard for the solenoid valve of the placement machine in China, so choose the solenoid valve manufacturer with care.

2. Security

Typically, the placement machine's solenoid valve is not waterproof. If conditions do not permit, please select the waterproof variety. The manufacturer can personalize it.

The greatest rated nominal pressure of the placement machine's solenoid valve must surpass the highest pressure in the pipeline; otherwise, the valve's service life will be shortened or other unanticipated events will occur.
Explosive situations must utilize proper explosion-proof products. All stainless steel should be used for corrosive liquids, whereas plastic king (SMT solenoid valve SLF) should be utilized for very corrosive liquids.

Introduce the operating concept of the placement machine's solenoid valve:


There is a closed cavity in the chip mounter's solenoid valve. There are perforations in several locations. Each hole is connected to a distinct oil pipe. The cavity contains a valve in the center and two electromagnets on opposite sides. By managing the movement of the valve body to block or leak different oil discharge holes, and the oil input hole is generally open, hydraulic oil will enter different oil discharge pipes and then be pushed by the oil's pressure. The piston of the oil cylinder pushes the piston rod, which in turn propels the mechanical device forward. In this manner, mechanical movement is controlled by switching the electromagnet's current on and off.

The placement apparatus In the industrial control system, solenoid valves are used to regulate the medium's flow, velocity, and other properties. The solenoid valve of the placement machine is controlled by electromagnetic effect, while the relay serves as the primary control technique. In this manner, the solenoid valve of the placement machine can collaborate with several circuits to provide the desired control, ensuring control precision and adaptability.


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