With the ever-increasing competition, RHSMT has stayed true to its initial goal of providing high-quality and good services to  our consumers! We will take care to ensure the quality of the goods, whether they are as large as YAMAHA equipment or as tiny as a spring. What can we do for you?


YAMAHA chip mounter :       YS24, YS12, YS12F, YSM10, YSM20, YV88, YV100XG, YV112, YG12F etc.
YAMAHA SMT spare parts:   ZS/SS/CL/YV feeders, nozzle, valve, cylinder, nozzle shaft, NSL grease, packing, O-ring, board, motor, driver, etc.


 The following are some of our goods; there are much too many to list individually; please contact us for more information.


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