What is PCBA ?

What is PCBA?
PCBA stands for Printed Circuit Board Assembly, it refers to circuit boards assembled with electronic components such as diode, transmitter, capacitors, resistors, and ICs with SMT, DIP, and soldering assembly technology. All electronic devices have PCBA, and electronic devices are everywhere. They range from smartphones to microwave ovens and from laptops to cars.



Two Common PCBA Technologies

Surface-Mount Technology(SMT)
It is a technology that mounts electronic components on the surface of a PCB directly. SMT is suitable for assembling tiny and sensitive components such as transistors onto the circuit board. This technology helps to save more space as there is no need to make drilling that also benefits to speed up the production progress. In addition, by applying surface-mount tech, the electronic components can be assembled on the surface closely, so both sides of the PCB can be utilized.


Through-Hole Technology(THT)
Another method is Thru-Hole Technology, which is used by people earlier than SMT. THT is a technology that the electronic components are plugged into the circuit boards through holes, and manufacturers need to solder the extra part of wire on the board. It takes more time than SMT, but it still has some advantages. For example, by using through-hole technology, the electronic components are bonded to the board strongly. Therefore, this technology is suitable for large electronic components such as coils and capacitors, which can withstand high power, high voltage, and mechanical stress.


What can RHSMT do for you?
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Post time: Apr-27-2022