What Is A SMT Feeder?

SMT Feeder (also known as Tape Feeder, SMD Feeder, Component Feeder, or SMT Feeding Gun) is an electric device that locks tape-and-reel SMD components, peels off the tape (film) cover on the top of components, and feeds the uncovered components to the same fixed pickup position for pick-and-place machine pick-up.

The SMT feeder is the most important component of an SMT machine, as well as an important component of SMT assembly that influences PCB assembly capabilities and production efficiency.

The majority of the components are supplied on paper or plastic tape in tape reels that are loaded onto machine-mounted feeders. Larger integrated circuits (ICs) are occasionally supplied in trays that are stacked in a compartment. Tapes, rather than trays or sticks, are more commonly used to deliver integrated circuits. Because of advancements in feeder technology, tape format is quickly becoming the preferred method of presenting parts on an SMT machine. 

4 Main SMT Feeders

The SMT machine is programmed to pick up components from feeders and transport them to a location specified by coordinates. Different mount components use different packaging, and each packaging requires a different feeder. SMT feeders are classified as tape feeders, tray feeders, Vibratory/stick feeders, and tube feeders.

YAMAHA SS 8mm Feeder KHJ-MC100-00A

• Tape Feeder

The most common standard feeder in the placement machine is the tape feeder. There are four types of traditional structures: wheel, claw, pneumatic, and multi-distance electric. It has now evolved into a high precision electric type. The transmission accuracy is higher, the feeding speed is faster, the structure is more compact, the performance is more stable, and the production efficiency is greatly improved when compared to the traditional structure.

• Tray Feeder

Tray feeders are classified as either single-layer or multi-layer structures. A single-layer tray feeder is installed directly on the placement machine feeder rack, taking up a number of bits, but not much material is suitable for the tray. The multilayer one has a multi-layer automatic transmission tray, occupies a small space, has a compact structure, is suitable for the tray material situation, and disk components for a variety of IC components, such as TQFP, PQFP, BGA, TSOP, and SSOPs.

• Vibratory/Stick Feeder

Stick feeders are a type of bulk feeder in which the work of the unit is free to load into the molding of plastic boxes or bags via a vibrating feeder or feed pipe to the components, which are then mounted. This method is typically used in MELF and small semiconductor components, and it is only suitable for non-polar rectangular and cylindrical components, not polar components.

• Tube Feeder

Tube feeders frequently use vibration feeders to ensure that the components in the tube continue to enter the chip head to absorb position, the general PLCC and SOIC is used in this way to feed the tube feeder has a protective effect on the component pin, Stability and normality is poor, the production efficiency of the end characteristics.

Tape Feeder Size

According to the width and pitch of tape and reel SMD component, tape feeder is usually divided into 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm, 56mm, 72mm, 88mm, 108mm

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