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High-speed flexible chip shooter

20,200CPH(0.178Sec/chip)(laser centering/optimum) 16,700CPH: chip (laser centering / IPC9850)
1,850CPH: IC (vision centering / effective tact), 4,860CPH with MNVC option.
One multi-nozzle laser head (6 nozzles) plus one high resolution head (1 nozzle)
From 0402 (01005) to 74mm square components or 50×150mm
Vision centering system (featuring bottom, side,
and back lighting, all ball recognition and split recognition)

16,700 CPH

0402 to 74X74mm


A 23% improvement in throughput in the same footprint
The new LNC60 laser head is capable of picking and centering 6 components simultaneously. It can reach speeds of up to 18,300 CPH (IPC-9850), a 23% improvement over the previous generation.
A variety of different nozzles can be attached at the same time, decreasing the nozzle change time. With the optional MNVC (multi-nozzle vision centering), the throughput for high accuracy devices is increased a remarkable 40%.
And all of these features are found in a remarkably compact machine for unparalleled productivity.

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Unrivaled placement range from 0402 (01005) to 33.5mm square components
The LNC60 brings a new concept in laser centering to the market. This sensor has the unique ability to center components from 0402 (01005) to 33.5mm square parts. From ultra-small, ultra-thin, chip-shaped parts to small QFP, CSP, BGA, a wide range of parts can be mounted by the laser recognition system at high-speed and with high-accuracy.

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juki nozzles

Splicing tape feeder ATF is featuring tape splicing for easy component replenishment during production. Like previous generations, the ATF is fully backwards compatible with all KE and FX series models.

Standard Nozzles and Special nozzle

We provided original new/ Copy new standard nozzles (500-509), and can design and make the special nozzles.

Massive resources

We have in-depth cooperation with major SMT brands, most of the SMT equipment is in stock and can be shipped immediately

Quality assurance

All used equipment is tested, aged, and serviced before shipping. Vacuum packing in wooden boxes ensures safe delivery of equipment to you.

Secure transactions

We support flexible payment methods and a 6-month machine warranty to relieve your worries.

Trusted partner

We have many years of experience in the SMT field and are active members of IPC, your trusted partner!

ke-2080 Specifications

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